Learn how to create an Itinerary with us in 3 hours!

Unlock the Secrets to a Perfect Itinerary!

Section 1: Welcome to The TRAVELSHAALA

The TravelShaala is here to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to create your dream trips with ease. Whether you're a seasoned traveller or a novice explorer, this course is designed to guide you through every step of the trip planning process, helping you craft the perfect itinerary and ensuring a hassle-free adventure. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey of discovery and make your travel dreams a reality!

Section 2: Discover Your Travel Goals

Before diving into the planning process, let's uncover your unique travel goals and desires. In this section, we'll ask you a series of thought-provoking questions that will help you gain clarity on what you truly want to experience during your trip. By understanding your preferences, interests, and objectives, we'll be able to tailor the planning process specifically to your needs, ensuring a personalized and fulfilling journey.

Section 3: Decoding Your Next Destination

Choosing a destination can be a daunting task with countless possibilities around the world. Fear not! In this module, we'll reveal the secrets to decoding your next destination. We'll teach you how to research and evaluate potential locations based on factors such as climate, culture, attractions, safety, and more. By the end of this section, you'll have the confidence to choose a destination that aligns perfectly with your travel goals and interests.

Section 4: Unearthing Must-Visit Places

Now that you've chosen your destination, it's time to dive deep into the process of finding the most remarkable places to visit. In this module, we'll guide you through various strategies and resources to unearth hidden gems, iconic landmarks, and off-the-beaten-path treasures. You'll learn how to leverage travel blogs, online platforms, local recommendations, and insider tips to curate a well-rounded itinerary that caters to your unique interests.

Section 5: Savoring Culinary Delights

One of the most exciting aspects of travel is indulging in delicious cuisine. In this module, we'll teach you how to discover the best places to eat, ensuring that every meal becomes a memorable experience. From authentic local eateries to fine dining establishments, you'll learn how to research restaurants, read reviews, and navigate menus to find the perfect culinary delights that will satisfy your taste buds and immerse you in the local culture.

Section 6: Restful Retreats: Finding Accommodation

After a day of exploration, you'll need a comfortable haven to rest and recharge. In this section, we'll guide you through the process of finding the ideal accommodations for your trip. You'll discover various options, including hotels, vacation rentals, hostels, and unique boutique stays. We'll share tips on evaluating locations, amenities, pricing, and reviews, ensuring that you find the perfect home away from home for a restful and rejuvenating experience.

Section 7: Crafting the Perfect Journey

In this final module, we'll provide you with expert advice and insider tips to help you craft a truly perfect journey. We'll cover a range of topics, including creating a flexible itinerary, managing your budget effectively, packing like a pro, navigating transportation options, and staying safe while exploring. By the end of this section, you'll have all the tools and knowledge you need to embark on a well-prepared and unforgettable adventure. Don't let the stress of trip planning hold you back from experiencing the world. Enroll in The Travelshaala today and unlock the secrets to planning the perfect itinerary. Start creating your dream trips with confidence and excitement!

This course is for you if:

✅ You are a travel enthusiast who wants to plan your trips more effectively and efficiently.

✅ You feel overwhelmed or unsure about where to start when it comes to trip planning.

✅ You want to create well-rounded itineraries that encompass your specific interests and travel goals.

✅ You enjoy immersing yourself in local cultures and want to find the best places to eat authentic cuisine.

✅ You value comfort and want to find accommodations that suit your preferences and budget.

✅ You want to maximize your travel experiences by having a well-thought-out plan in place.

✅ You want to save time and money and avoid common travel pitfalls through effective planning.

✅ You want to feel more confident and empowered during your travels, knowing that you have prepared thoroughly.

No matter your level of travel experience.This course will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to plan unforgettable journeys that align with your unique interests and preferences.Whether you're a solo traveller, a couple, or a family, The Travelshaala is designed to cater to your needs and help you create travel experiences that leave a lasting impact.

In this step-by-step online learning experience, you’ll be guided by the expert planners, speakers and founders of DIYTINERARY, Simi & Amrit.

Discover the art of crafting an impeccable travel experience. From selecting ideal accommodations and savouring local delicacies to uncovering hidden gems and mastering money-saving strategies, this course has it all.

During this program, you’ll get access to the live coaching program. Including proven templates, exercises, and formulas to craft a personalized tour that perfectly suits your needs. Join us now and embark on your dream trip!

Are you spending too much time and effort planning your trip?

Are you tired of the overwhelming anxiety and frustration that comes with planning your travel itinerary?

Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through blog posts, desperately searching for reliable information?

Imagine the freedom of being able to plan your trip confidently and independently without relying on anyone else.

You will be really stressed when you have to find and plan each activity. From accommodation, local food, places to visit, flights, and so on.

You also know that searching for information on blogs and social networking sites does not always guarantee the most accurate results.

On the contrary, it consumes too much time and effort.

Please also abandon the idea of hiring a travel company.

If you don't want to spend a large amount of money on something you don't really need.

"Does that mean I can't travel?"

Absolutely YESSSS

You deserve a simpler, more efficient way to plan your travels.

You can eliminate all those difficulties above and independently create any itinerary you desire

Join with Simi & Amrit, founders of DIYTINERARY, to discover the secret to saving you tons of time, money and effort on your travels and when also you're planning

In this step-by-step live training programWe will guide you through the best formula to create an EXACT itinerary that we have used to help thousands of customers enjoy their travels with extremely high satisfaction levels.

About us

It's Simi and Amrit, two avid travel enthusiasts on a mission to explore new destinations and dive deep into diverse cultures. Back in April 2018, they launched an Instagram page called "Life with the Singh Sisters" to share their incredible travel experiences and offer valuable tips to followers. With their expertise in budget travel, they've embarked on numerous domestic and international trips, making the most out of every penny.

In December 2020, Simi and Amrit embarked on an exciting two-month journey to the vibrant land of Goa. In February 2021, Amrit's captivating reels showcasing the perfect "Stay in Goa" experience went viral, attracting a whopping 4 million views. As their reels spread like wildfire, an influx of curious travellers flooded their DMs, seeking recommendations on must-visit places, where to find good food, and where this place is in Goa.

Simi and Amrit dedicated three full days to responding to messages. After that, we decided to create two documents - one for North Goa and one for South Goa - with all the relevant information.

To their astonishment, within a few weeks, more than 1,200 enthusiastic travellers had downloaded the guides, testifying to their usefulness and appeal.

Recognizing an opportunity to assist wanderlust-filled souls further, Simi and Amrit introduced DIYTINERARY. The DIYTINERARY quickly became a sought-after resource for adventurers seeking a personalized travel experience.

Fast forward two years, Simi and Amrit are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of over 2,300 individuals who have joined them on this incredible journey. However, they understand that every traveller has unique aspirations and desires when planning their dream vacation. To cater to this diverse range of needs, they developed a condensed version of DIYTINERARY, empowering travellers to create their own custom itineraries based on their personal preferences and interests.

At its core, "DIYTINERARY" is driven by a simple yet powerful mission—to help people have an unforgettable and fulfilling time during their vacations. Simi and Amrit are continuously striving to enhance their services and find innovative ways to ensure that every traveller's journey is an exceptional one.

Thank you for joining Simi and Amrit on this extraordinary adventure. Let's make your travel dreams come true!

Let's be honest!

Do you feel uncertain about how to plan your trip?

You have a clear idea of your preferences, but you're uncertain about which activities would be a good fit for your trip.

Even if you have some eccentric hobbies, therefore you want to design your own itinerary personally.

I know that creating a complete itinerary from scratch is not easy.

You might consider going with the flow and starting your trip in an undefined manner.


I'm sure you wouldn't want that to happen.

But what if you could become a master at planning trips?

Imagine how people would look at you with admiration when you've crafted the perfect itinerary for them.

Not only that, but you can also create any itinerary based on any preferences and interests.

The formula has been implemented and proven effective for over 2500 trips.

Introducing The Travelshaala

The online workshop is conducted directly by the founder.

We will give you…

The “weapon” that can help you in crafting any of your travel itineraries, even for your loved ones and friends.

Trust me…

Whenever people think of travelling somewhere, you will be the first choice that they come to find help.

Imagine how proud you will feel.

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More about our Founders!

Simi and Amrit have travelled extensively in India and Internationally, including Asia, US, UK, Europe and Africa.

They enjoy a mix of budget and luxury trips without hurting their pockets. Their forte is finding deals that give them the most for their money!

And they have finally found a way to share this "DEAL FINDING EXPERTISE" with everyone.


Did you know, every time they travel, they get with them heaps of local contacts so people like you and me can enjoy the same offbeat trips.

This course is not for you if:

❌ You prefer a more spontaneous and unplanned approach to travel without the need for detailed pre-trip preparations.

❌ You have access to a personal travel planner or advisor who takes care of all the trip-planning details on your behalf.

❌ You are not interested in investing time and effort into researching and planning your trips in advance.

❌ You prioritize a carefree, go-with-the-flow travel style and prefer to make decisions on the spot during your trips.

❌ You are solely interested in package tours or all-inclusive travel experiences that handle all aspects of the trip for you.

Let me tell you something.

Do you know that travel agents often charge a commission of up to 40% on packages?

This means if you purchase a $1000 package, $400 goes directly into the agent's pocket.

But why go through that when you can do it yourself and even do it better? Plus, you can save a significant amount of money and time in the process.

But with The Travelshaala…

You get all that for a fraction of the cost!

Just $64

And you heard it correctly.

$64 - no more, no less.

But you know what?

You only need to invest a very small amount of money and can save a lot of money on your travel.

We can say you lose nothing. On the contrary, we bring your money back.

The price is too low, is The Travelshaala really quality?

The price is low because we want to make high-quality trip planning accessible to more people.

We believe in providing exceptional value for an affordable price, helping a wider audience, building long-term relationships, and giving back to the travel community.

Gain invaluable knowledge and skills without breaking the bank.

What You’ll Get With This Course

  • Missed the Live Class? Catch Up Anytime with Our Replay Recording (INR 999 - $12 valued)
  • Invitation to Join Our Exclusive Facebook Group for Itinerary Planning Advice from Simi and Amrit (INR 21,999 - $269 value)
  • Maximize Your Travel Experience with DIYTINERARY's Itinerary Template (INR 5,475 - $66 value)
  • Unlock the Secret to Perfect Travel Planning: Access Simi and Amrit's List of Booking Resources for DIY Itineraries (INR 2,999 - $37 value)
  • Discover the Best of Goa: Simi and Amrit's Exclusive Top 30 Picks You've Never Seen Before (INR 3,199 - $39 value)

Note: We only accept 50 students per class, so please hurry up to secure your spot!

Once the maximum capacity is reached, we will no longer accept additional students! This is to ensure the highest quality and best results for the course.

What are you waiting for? Join right away!

When you place an order, you'll receive the bonuses immediately.

The link for the live class will be emailed to you one day prior to the scheduled session.

Enjoy instant access to bonuses and prepare for the live class in advance.

We have utilized this framework and delivered the perfect itinerary for over 2300 customers.

100% of our customers are extremely satisfied

You know what? You won't find anywhere else that provides you with knowledge like this.

We are here to help you save time, effort, and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Travelshaala live?

Yes, The Travelshaala is a live coaching session.

This live session allows you to interact with expert instructors, Simi and Amrit, ask questions, and gain valuable insights in real time.

Even if you're unable to attend the live session, you will have access to the recorded version to watch at your convenience.

We strive to offer a comprehensive learning experience that combines the flexibility of pre-recorded content with the added benefit of live coaching.

How much time will it take?

The Travelshaala is designed to be completed in approximately 3 hours.

This includes engaging live coaching, practical exercises, and valuable resources that will equip you with the necessary skills to plan exceptional trips.

With our concise and focused content, you can efficiently learn at your own pace and start implementing your newfound knowledge in no time.

Get ready to become a proficient trip planner in just 3 hours!

How long do I have access for?

You will have lifetime access to The Travelshaala.

This means that you can revisit the course materials, resources and bonuses whenever you need them, even after the live coaching sessions. 

Additionally, you will have access to the recording of the live classes, allowing you to review the content or catch up on any missed sessions at your convenience.

We are committed to supporting your journey as long as you need it.

You also have unrestricted access to the Exclusive Facebook Group Community for ongoing Q&A, support and Advice from Simi and Amrit.

What happens after I enrol?

Upon enrollment, you will receive instant access to the bonuses associated with the course.

Additionally, the link for the live class will be emailed to you one day before the scheduled session.

Get ready to dive into the course materials and mark your calendar for the live class!

Is there a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds.

The Masterclass is specifically created for people who understand the value behind this experience and have set the intention to actually apply the practical tools and insights provided in this course.

When you join, you’re in the DIYTINERARY for life. We’ll never give you up or let you down...

And that’s why by paying only $64, you’re getting a massive $423 worth of value back. That’s our “return” policy!

What should I do if I have a question?

If you have any questions, we're here to help!

Simply send us a direct message via WhatsApp at +919873395006, and our team will be glad to assist you.

We prioritize your queries and ensure that all questions are answered promptly.

We are available to address your concerns every Monday and Friday.

Don't hesitate to reach out!

Planning for a trip has become easier