October comes as a fresh breath after monsoons. The first month of winters where we get to witness the colours of fall in India. The weather becomes pleasant and compatible for travel. The charming weather condition of October is apt for travel and if you’ve been contemplating where to go, we have 5 picks for you each of different vibes. 

Sit back, relax, scroll through the list and plan with us.

  • Bir Billing
  • Bir is a calm place: The place where you can sit and enjoy for hours, be in the best mood, breathe in & breathe out while watching the sun go down and enjoying the charm. Bir-Billing is also famous for Paragliding and serves the best to adventure loving travellers. The camping experience with clear sky and surrounded by mountains, is a great feeling.

    You can reach Bir by car, bus, train or a flight. There’s no direct flight or train to Bir. 

    Full details about Bir Billing, have a look here.

    Photo by Rishabh Pandoh on Unsplash

  • It is a city that is characterised by museums, vibrant colours, traditions, weapons, paintings, and therefore the never-ending history of the Rajputs. When in Jodhpur, take the desert safari and play by the sand dunes. Enjoy riding your favourite SUVs in the sand dunes. The finely scattered sun rays playing along the contours of sand make a pleasing sight as you contain every bit your mesmerising trip at one of the best places to visit in October in India.

    We have you sorted for Jodhpur, have a look at our itinerary and pack your bags!

    Photo by Fred Nassar on Unsplash 


    Of all the places to go on holiday in October, Mysore looks nothing less than a perfect destination. While the entire city of Srirangapatna stands testimony to the heroics of Tipu Sultan- the tiger of Mysore, God’s own country- Kerala stays in its close proximity. In addition, the cozy weather will hook you. Dussehra only adds to the allure of Mysore that remains one of the most sought places to visit in October in India.

    Photo by Syed Ali on Unsplash

  • The first capital of the biggest and invincible Mauryan empire is Rajgir, which is also one of the best holiday destinations in October. A major tourist attraction in Nalanda district, Rajgir is a notified place that means the abode of kings (Rajgir- Rajgriha). The fact that Rajgir played host to Lord Mahavir and Buddha puts it closer to the hearts of Hindus, Jains and Budhists. 

    Photo by ARTO SURAJ on Unsplash

  • GOA

  • One of the smallest yet the most exciting and loved states of the country. 

    Goa needs no introduction. From beaches to tall palm trees, Goa is simply mesmerising. Primarily famous for its beaches and churches, but also known for its architecture and colourful culture. Everything seems right in Goa. Goa in October is all the way more warm and pleasant, which will make you fall in love with the city even more. 

    We have planned your Goa itinerary with a variety of options, have a look.

    These are some of the best recommendations for you to cover solo or with your family, friends, and partner. 

    Photo by alexey turenkov on Unsplash

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