How Can DIYTINERARY Help You Plan Your Summer Vacation 2023

The more fun it is to think about taking a vacation, the more daunting it is to plan and research for the trip. But then, it has to be done to have a hassle-free vacation wherein you only relax and focus on things you genuinely want to do. And as Summer Vacation is approaching, we highly recommend you to start planning for it. 

Stick to the end and we have a BONUS for you:)

When we started travelling, we loved researching everything, right from transportation to hotels, foods, best places to visit and how efficiently we can manage our time, we included it all. While planning your travel it is essential that you don’t rush, don’t plan to cover 10 places in a day, instead plan to visit each place at your own pace to have the best experience.

And this is how we came up with our 4 services at Diytinerary:

Premade Itineraries

What is it: A DIYtinerary is a comprehensive document that has every single detail already planned for you for your travel. A Premade Itinerary is a Pre-set itinerary based on certain mood and criteria.

Who is it for: 

Anyone who has a busy schedule but loves travelling

Anyone who hates planning a trip and searching for the nitty-gritties.

Anyone who takes sudden trips & is left with no time to research

What is included: 

  • Links to book your stays
  • Places to Eat, with top recommendations and location + budget
  • Google map links for every place
  • Not to miss tourist attractions & offbeat places
  • Links to book Flights
  • Transport Options
  • Travel hacks & special tips for that specific place itinerary
  • FREE POST PURCHASE SUPPORT to address any queries about the Itinerary

Custom Itinerary

What is it: A custom Itinerary is created specifically for YOU. It is based completely on your likes, needs, food preference & moods as per the response you give in the Google Form.

Who is it for: 

Anyone who loves customised trips

Anyone who has specific requirements for a trip

Anyone who wants to travel for an occasion

Anyone who is not sure about the destination

Anyone who is not sure about the budget

What all is included:

  • Made for you according to your preference
  • Stay options in your budget & mood
  • Places to Eat based on your cuisine preference
  • Hidden gems/activities as per your interests
  • Google map links to every place, everything at 1-click
  • Links to book the transport along with costs
  • Local transport options
  • Travel hacks and special tips to save more money

Travel Planning Masterclass

What is it: We teach people how to plan their trip and create itineraries like we do for our clients along with identifying the perfect location and budget needed for it.

Who is it for: 

Anyone who loves researching about travelling

Anyone who loves creating itineraries

Anyone who loves travelling & wants to learn how to get a hold of tips, hacks & knowledge about travelling

What is included:

  • Learn on how to decide the destination
  • How to decide the budget for travel
  • Finding places to visit based on your likes
  • Finding places to eat as per your diet and budget
  • Stay options as per your budget
  • Transport details & links
  • Visa details along with other necessary travel information

The Ultimate Itinerary Kit

What is it: The Ultimate Itinerary Kit is a bundle of our 170+ itineraries with unlimited lifetime access. The research we have done till date for over 45 countries.

Who is it for:

Anyone who is a travel enthusiast

Anyone who hates planning & researching

Anyone who loves travelling but but not sure where to travel according to the budget

Anyone who loves all the information at 1-place, as we have an App for Ultimate Itinerary Kit.

What all is included: 

  • Unlimited access to our 170+ itineraries (Indian + International)
  • Access to the latest updates on these itineraries
  • Bonus: Singh Sister Trip Planning Template
  • 1 Free Custom Itinerary for up to 15 Days
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for questions or doubts

This is not the end, we also offer help with identifying the destination and hotels for your staycation/workcation in a single city. If you require help with multiple cities, then we suggest getting in touch on 9873395006 or using this link.

BONUS: Get your hands on our FREE RESOURCE to plan your TRAVEL SMART!

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