Many of you know our founders as ‘TheSinghSisters’ but we have a lot to share. Let’s start with the formal way. Simi and Amrit are our Founders of DIYTINERARY and apart from building this business, they have a full-time job to play as well! I know it’s a hectic thing to do, but their passion and love for travelling never makes the work tedious.

Amrit works as a Product Manager and Simi as an Implementation Coach. Their major day goes into the full time job and then they rejuvenate and work on the business front. One very weird thing about Amrit is she can concentrate her best while the television is switched on, yes:) She works, studies with the television on. Are we spilling the beans? By beans, we remember Simi calls Amrit as Been Potato (too much sibling love)


How the concept of DIYTINERARY came in?

The Singh Sisters started sharing their love for travelling back in 2018, and then people started to ask them about how they were enjoying fairly premium trips without severely hurting their pockets. Simi and Amrit felt very happy! Now, in 2020, Amrit was in Goa for her extended honeymoon and she was staying in a very nice place that cost way less because of the amount of research she put in. She created a reel on this and it went viral!!

And then this mere passion for travelling and digging out resources for each of their trips made them do what they are doing today and what you are loving.

Fast forward to 2022, DIYTINERARY completed 1 year and we cannot be much more grateful for you!

Our itineraries are filled with in-depth knowledge. We help you get the best places to stay, famous off-beat things to do in a place, local transport details+fares, and of course, the best places to visit. All with Google Maps links, you just click and get the complete route details. 

Apart from our best premade itineraries, we also provide custom itineraries which are fulfilled by Amrit. Simi handles the operations, marketing, and support for DIYTINERARY. We are a team of 4 part-time employees working to provide you with the best travel experience at ease. In case you wish to interact with Simi & Amrit regarding building your itinerary for the winter vacations, then DM on Instagram (Our founders are really sweet and cooperative).

Simi & Amrit preach what they teach! Literally. They say to plan the travel in advance and they themselves have booked their travel for December:p 

What started as a random thought, is now loved by thousands of people and supported by more than 1500+ people. AMAZING right! This is what is keeping us motivated and disciplined to upgrade our services for you. Our sole aim is to provide you with a wonderful time on your vacation.

Saw something you liked on Instagram and want to travel to that location? We will find it for you and make it happen!! 

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