6 Top Places To Visit On New Years

New years is indeed a special time. It marks the new beginnings with another year and another chapter of our lives. It’s no surprise that you want to make it special. So, plan a new year get away with your family, partner, or friends and have the best time. 

Besides the different traditions of different countries, one thing that does not change is the delightful firework show at midnight. We have recommended some of the best places to make your new year celebration truely memorable: 

Sydney, Australia 

Have you seen those New Year eve’s trilling nighouts in hollywood movies? Yes, Sydney can give you that experience. Witness the mermerizing fireworks at the iconic Sydney Harbour while enjoying the delicious food and drinks. You can also book a luxurious cruise tour or attend various New Year special shows and events in many clubs and theatres. 

Las Vegas, Nevada 

If you want to enjoy a carefree night life and experience gambling in casinos, there is no better place than the Las Vegas. While Las Vegas is cheerful and colourful on all days, it takes its fervour up a notch around the New Year. Besides the crazy fireworks, you can dance the night away in the famous nightclubs with your friends. 

Venice, Italy 

Venice is one of the most romantic places for couples and looks even more breathtaking around the New Years. The fireworks above the beautiful lakes and astonishing buildings can leave any tourist in awe. You can have a lavish dinner on a private boat with picture-perfect views. Do attend the Iconic Opera House concert for a wonderful evening. If you are in the mood for a party, visit popular restaurants at the St. Mark’s Square. 

Dubai, UAE

The epic architecture of Dubai is not hidden from the world. Dubai is known for its luxury and hospitality. The famous Burj Khalifa’s parties and its light and water show is as amazing as it sounds. If you want to test your nerves, try sky diving at AI Seyahi St - Dubai Marina. You can also enjoy live shows or opera at lavish restaurants with your friends or family. 

Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear Paris. This romantic destination looks even more beautiful than what you see on the internet. Get a chance to mingle with the local peopl of France at the Champs-Elysées, where thousands of people gather to celebrate New Years together. Watch the famous Cabaret shows or pop the champaign botte at a rooftop party. 

Bangkok, Thailand

 If you want a budget holiday, do put Bangkok to your list. The Cantral World Square is Bangkok is the best place to celebrate New Year with great pomp and show. Book a cruise on the Chao Phraya River and savour international and Thai cuisine with exotic drinks. Beam NYE, Meta Music Festival, Glitter & Glam, and White Party are some of the best New Year parties in the world hosted by Bangkok. 

All set for New Years travellers??? You just choose the destination and leave the planning part to us. We will research and make a detailed a itinerary for you to follow. Don’t bother giving commission to a travel agent when you can get the travel plan from us. 

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Planning 11 days solo trip to thailand. Starting from Pattaya , Bangkok and then not sure . Interested in attending music festival this new year . Starting from 22 Dec till 1st jan . Currently settled in Malaysia , so a round about trip from kulala lumpur to thailand

Yaman Dobha

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