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    Ready to use itineraries for over 51 countries

    Ideal for individuals who are not overly particular about their itinerary and enjoy engaging in typical tourist activities

    ₹600 onwards 

    Get any itinerary customized by our Experts

    Perfect for travelers who prefer planning their own trips and want to save time on research.

    ₹2699 onwards 
  • Recorded Lessons (LEARN TO DO IT YOURSELF)

    Learn our 5 step framework that you can replicate and plan every single time in under 3 hours

    Ideal for individuals interested in organizing their own travel plans


    Lifetime access to ALL our Ready to use Itineraries INSTANTLY!!

    Ideal for customers who have previously made a purchase and appreciate our high-quality products and services.

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Few of our 5000+ success stories


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"I will use diytinerary for every trip!"

Thailand Itinerary

Nivetha reached out to us in 2021 for a custom itinerary after she had gotten exorbitant quotes for a trip that did not seem worth it

Nivetha went on to purchase 5 more itineraries after her first trip

Thailand Itineraries

"I'm coming back for all my trip planning to you guys"

Turkey Group Trip

Prashish came to us first in 2021 to help him plan a group trip for 4 couples to Turkey. They were tired of being indecisive and needed help.

After we sent Prashish his customized itinerary he reached out to a local agent in Turkey to help him book flights.

When Prashish looked at these flight prices himself he want getting them for Rs. 25,000 per couple while the agent quoted him a whopping Rs, 75,000 per person adding in some jargon with more days but when he looked at the fine print it was was only internal flights and 1 day of sightseeing included.

Since then Prashish has been a regular customer

Turkey Itineraries

"I have told all my friends about your amazing concept"

New Zealand Itinerary

Dhaval reached out to us in March 2023 to help him plan his trip to New Zealand.

Dhaval has already been to 17 countries before this and we helped him save over INR 70,000 just on stays which he then used to book a 4x4 car for his trip instead of a regular economy car.

Since then Dhaval has already booked 2 more itineraries wtih us an promises he will get all his friends hooked.

If you don't believe us, check out his review on google maps under DIYTINERARY

New Zealand Itineraries

I definitely saved INR 1.2 Lakhs

Switzerland Itinerary

Pooja got a Switzerland itinerary and got it customized to suit her needs.

An agent quoted them INR 6.4 Lakhs excluding meals and travel.

When Pooja got our itinerary, she did her whole trip in INR 6.4 Lakhs including all meals and travel

Switzerland Itinerary

Let's go

Explore from our 280+ itineraries

In our itineraries you will

✅ Know exactly where you will be staying

with a direct link to the booking page. No need to worry about quality or preference and it will definitely fit your budget.

✅ Enjoy delicious, signature dishes

instead of terrible foods. Besides, you also get suggested places that are suitable for your diet. Google Maps links to each location, so users can easily find and navigate to their chosen dining spot.

✅ Recommendations on the best ways to get around

the local area based on factors like cost, convenience, and safety. Including tips on buying tickets, using apps, or finding the most convenient routes, as well as flights if you have to move to another city.

✅ Get a well-crafted itinerary

that provides a detailed schedule of activities, including popular tourist destinations, local cuisine, recommended accommodations, and other relevant information. The itinerary allows for flexibility so that users can modify and adjust their plans to suit their preferences. Each activity or attraction in the itinerary includes a Google Maps link, enabling users to locate and navigate to each destination effortlessly.

✅ Get a list of tips and tricks to save a lot of money and effort

that you have to spend on your journey, like how to find deals, avoid tourist traps, and make the most of local discounts or promotions.

✅ We will guide you with any necessary documents or paperwork

about the information on international travellers' visa, completely eliminating your worries about this issue.

✅ Recommendations for local experiences

such as cultural events, festivals, or outdoor activities, can help users to get a true sense of the local area and its culture.

✅ Get the comfort of knowing

exactly how much each service will cost you. Save even more with our tips and tricks.

✅ Feel a high level of fun and satisfaction

because you can completely experience it without having to worry about anything.

Our Itineraries is not for you if:

❌You are good at research and have the time to spend researching for your trip

❌You prefer to have an agent take you around during your trip

  • Travel Agents

  • Company who provides packages

  • Company who does travel bookings

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