Best 5 Places To Include In Your Trip To Egypt

Fascinating history that reaches back to the dawn of Civilization, Egypt is considered the oldest travel destination on earth. The awe-inspiring temples, pyramids, and ancient monuments have captured the attention of travellers for thousands of years.

Its beauty is perfectly complimented by a great climate all year round. And don’t let all the history distract you from enjoying the gorgeous beaches and beautiful corals. 

So if you have a mummified life, feel alive again with a trip to Egypt! Get your backpacks ready quickly, as we have mentioned some best places to visit in Egypt:


Being home to the largest Egyptian pyramid, The Great Pyramid of Giza, Cairo is a place you can’t miss visiting. It is also the largest city in Egypt which also happens to be the best place to explore the modern Egyptian lifestyle and enjoy great cuisines.

You must visit the Egyptian museum in Cairo and look at those magnificent artifacts, including royal mummies! You can also have hot air balloon rides and admire the city with a peaceful smile or capture some great photos.


Known for magnificent Ancient sites, Luxor is also known as the ‘World’s Greatest Open-Air Museum.’ The unique multitude of remarkable tombs and ruins will not let you take your eyes off them.

A hotspot for tourists, you can’t help but feel to have traveled back in time, especially with the horse-drawn carriages. It is a place truly worth visiting for history lovers to explore the beauty of ancient Egypt.


Get surrounded by a warm and serene aura in the city of Aswan. With incredible scenery to ogle your eyes upon, you will love your decision to visit this city. It has some important archaeological sites to quench your thirst for historical and cultural beauty.

It's the right place to get creative with your photography, as the place looks extremely photogenic during sunset when the sunlight shimmers on the water. You can also sail in Felucca (Egyptian-style boat) to get the full experience of its serenity.


Being Egypt's most famous resort, visiting Hurghada will fill you with excitement and peace at the same time. The colorful corals and fish in clean waters can be undoubtedly called ‘Beautiful’. 

It also happens to be a famous spot for excellent scuba diving spots. A water sports enthusiast just can’t say no to diving in the waters of the Red sea and laying his eyes upon the colorful variety of fishes and corals.


Egypt’s great port city, Alexandria, is located on the coast of the mediterranean sea and was founded by Alexander the Great. The mystic ambiance and interesting architecture will easily keep you occupied for a day or two.

When in Alexandria, do visit the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Montaza Gardens, Fort Qaitbey, Catacombs, National Museum, and the Corniche. The restaurants and markets lining the coasts are great for trying cuisines and collecting souvenirs. 

Egypt looks like a fascinating place, doesn’t it? We too couldn’t resist ourselves and went on a 17-day budgeted Egypt trip! Want to know how we made it possible? Subscribe to our newsletter now because we want to tell you everything! 

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