Best 5 Road Trips You Can Take From Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the city of pearls, showcases a perfect blend of Northern and Southern India. It is famous for its rich cultural history and architecture. Hyderabad, located in Telangana, has existed as a peaceful city for many years.

Are you craving to go on a rejuvenating road trip? There couldn’t be a better place than Hyderabad to get on this venture. The views from this city on the north of Deccan plateau will leave you spellbound! Here are our best 5 road trips: 

  • Hyderabad to Adilabad
  • The Hyderabad-Adilabad highway is one of the best routes you will find for this trip. Adilabad is around 300 kilometers from Hyderabad, meaning it will take about 5 hours to reach there. But that doesn’t mean you have to wait that long to witness beauty. 

    The journey is full of exotic places and sceneries. You can visit waterfalls, wildlife sanctuaries, and nature at its best on the way. You can also take a pit stop to spend some time by Mavala lake. The roads are smooth with greenery all around. 

  • Hyderabad to Hampi
  • Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site, which must be enough to add to your bucket list. It is one of the most famous tourist places because the ruins will take you back in history. You can also visit the ancient Virupaksha temple located here.

    Hampi is around 380 kilometers from Hyderabad when you travel by road. So, it would take you more than 6 hours to cover the distance. The roads on the highway are in great condition and surrounded by temples, markets, lakes, and hotels. 

  • Hyderabad to Papikondalo
  • We would like to call this the ideal bike trip because you will be driving along the Godavari river throughout the journey. Furthermore, the journey to Papikondalo, a mountain range, will take you through some beautiful paths. The greenery and sunset views are a sight for sore eyes. 

    It would take you about 7 hours on this road trip to cover a distance of around 400 kilometers from Hyderabad. You can experience peace, exotic wildlife, and jaw-dropping scenery along the way. If you see the river getting narrower, understand that your destination is near. 

  • Hyderabad to Belum Caves
  •  Belum Caves would be a perfect choice if you plan to go on a road trip for sightseeing. They are the second largest cave system in India. These red caves look more spectacular at nightfall under the lights. 

    The journey takes around 5 and a half hours, as the caves are about 320 kilometers from Hyderabad. You can also explore the big Buddha statue on nearby hills and click amazing pictures. Walking through huge chambers and passageways in the caves may take long. 

  • Hyderabad to Rollapadu Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Do you love spotting exotic species? Rollapadu wildlife sanctuary can be a great pick for your family and friends. It has around 200 species of flora and fauna. It has become a popular tourist attraction for jungle safari as it houses many endangered birds. 

    Rollapadu is about 300 kilometers from Hyderabad. So, the road trip by bike or car takes around 5 hours. You get plenty of time on the road to appreciate the surrounding beauty of the hills. Overall, the ride is smooth and satisfying.  

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    Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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