Top 5 Road Trips You Can Take From Mumbai, Maharashtra

Can you even call yourself a traveler if you haven’t been on a road trip once? Road trips are a chance to enjoy and appreciate the journeys that lead to beautiful destinations, and guess what? Sometimes the journeys can be more memorable. 

Mumbai is one of the largest cities in India and is situated in the state of Maharashtra. It is famous for its beaches, street food, and people. With that being said, let us straightaway dive into the popular road trips from Mumbai that you cannot miss: 

  • Mumbai To Lonavala

  • Everyone in Mumbai knows about the beautiful twin cities Lonavala and Khandala. The scenic hills, historical forts, shimmering waterfalls, lakes, and valleys make Lonavala a perfect getaway for Mumbaikars. 

    Photo by Animesh Das on Unsplash

    It takes you just 2 hours to reach via the Mumbai-Pune highway. The roads are smooth with less traffic. You can always savor some delicious food from the food stalls along the way. September is one of the best times of the year to go on this road trip due to pleasant weather.

  • Mumbai To Kamshet Village

  • Do you love adventures? Then, let us introduce this ‘Paraglider’s Paradise’ that will blow your mind away with its breathtaking scenery. Kamshet is covered with sunflower and paddy fields along Pawna lake. So, make sure you try paragliding from the Kondeshwar cliff and have the time of your life! 

    It is only 2 and a half hours away from Mumbai if you reach via Mumbai-Pune Expressway. The journey is smooth and carefree. You can take pit stops and click pictures of the beautiful hills, caves, and temples on the way.

    Photo by Alina Drankovič on Unsplash

  • Mumbai To Nashik


    Nashik, being the wine capital of India, attracts a lot of tourists every year. It is famous for its large-scale onion and grape cultivation. Travelers can also visit the coin and stone museum, Vineyards, Gangapur Dam and Pandavleni Caves. 

    The trip takes around 3 hours via National Highway 160. It is a short and fun route. You can explore other popular places like Igatpuri and try the street food if you feel hungry. Overall, the journey is beautiful and picturesque due to the flowing rivers and mountain ranges. 

    Photo by grayomm on Unsplash


  • Mumbai To Kaas Plateau 


    Kaas Plateau is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Western Ghats. You will be mesmerized by its natural beauty and lush green views. You can also visit the Koyna Dam and Mahabaleshwar on the way. It is also a popular site for boating. 

    The journey will take about 5 hours, but it’s worth it! You get to experience some of the best views while traveling on the roads by the Western Ghats. In addition, you will witness some low-lying valleys and hills filled with colorful flowers. 

    Photo by Rushikesh Patil on Unsplash

  • Mumbai To Goa

  • Goa does not need any introduction. No doubt, it is one of the most popular road trips among youth in Mumbai. Goa is a well-known destination for its nightlife, beaches, and watersports. It also has some of the best pubs, bars, and cruises. 

    This road trip will take you a good 11 hours via National Highway 4. You can take pit stops to rest and eat at the various hotels and restaurants along the way. You can also visit Dudhsagar waterfalls, temples, churches, wildlife, and bird sanctuaries. 

    Photo by Sarang Pande on Unsplash

    So, those were our top road trips from Mumbai that are worth a shot for any traveler. In case you’re planning your long-weekend travel or have a budget in mind for your next travel, we suggest you have a look at our premade itineraries.

    You can also request a custom build itinerary from us. DM us on Instagram or WhatsApp us on for further details or queries.

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