Best Road Trips You Can Take From Delhi

Beautiful journeys leads to beautiful destinations. Do you also love enjoying the journeys more than the destination? You are at the right place! 

Road trips are a great way to rejuvenate, witness changing cultures with every passing kilometer and make new friends along the way. Just remember to close your eyes and feel the air rushing by. Here we go! 

  • Delhi to Rishikesh

  • Located at the foothills of the Himalayas, Rishikesh is a beauty of nature that attracts people from all over the world. It is a spiritual and adventurous place offering several activities for you to enjoy like river rafting and bungy jumping.

     A road trip from Delhi to Rishikesh would take around 5-6 hours, while the route itself is known to be safe and smooth. You can expect expenses of around 7k for the round trip. You can also visit popular temples and ghats along the way. 

    Photo by NARINDER PAL on Unsplash

  • Delhi to Manali

  • An icy cold remedy to beat the heat, Manali is a snow-wrapped present from heaven to earth! Located on the Beas river, Manali is a great spot to escape your hectic life and have some fun. It offers various adventure activities ranging from skiing to paragliding.

    A road trip from Delhi to Manali would take about 12-13 hours. The roads are quite good so that you can have a smooth ride. Even if you don’t carry enough cash to enjoy the sports, the place is also great for sightseeing. 

    Photo by Iftekhar Nibir on Unsplash

  • Delhi to Udaipur

  • For the historic culture and architecture lovers, visiting Udaipur should be a priority! Located in Rajasthan, Udaipur is a royal beauty for tourists. There are several huge Palaces with intricate designs, beautiful lakes, lavish gardens, and much more to see!! 

    Udaipur is effectively connected to Delhi by road, making it a great destination to travel to. Travelling from Delhi to Udaipur would take about 11-12 hours. It could turn out to be around 10k. 

    Photo by Bhavesh Rao on Unsplash

  • Delhi to Rohtang Pass


    The ice-covered eastern himalayan range along the Rohtang pass in Ladhakh offers some breathtaking views and challenging terrains. It is a must visit for any road traveller. The clean chilly air and misty skies is to die for! 

    Rohtang pass has been a popular passageway for road travellers. Take the National Highway 44 and if your vehicle is fast enough you will be there in about 7 to 8 hours. You can take pit stops at various food stalls or roadside hotels along the way. 

    Photo by Gagan deep on Unsplash

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