Be it on honeymoons or special occasions, Bali is one of the top destinations to visit. Its epic sightseeing gives every traveller a reason to come back soon. Although it can be enjoyed at any time of the year, during the season between April and August, you’ll experience less rainfall, less humidity, blue skies, and the sea primed for water-related sports—this makes it a great time to visit Bali for a sightseeing holiday as it has the most appropriate weather. Unfortunately, this weather also attracts loads of travellers.

 If you’re visiting early in the season around April, keep Ubud Food Festival on your list. In June-July, you can also enjoy a musical festival naming- The Nusa Dali Blues Festival. Don’t forget to expect longer queues and a lot of travellers around the famous Bali sightseeing destinations. If we talk about budget, Bali in the dry season is costly for the pockets. And hence, if you wish to save your money, try experimenting with other months to visit Bali.

 The Sightseeing over-the-shoulder seasons will reward you with lesser crowds, good weather, cheaper rates, and a much more relaxed and serene experience. Plan your vacation for February, or between September and November, to benefit from enjoying Bali.

 To have a more exclusive experience and feel like you have the island all to yourself, you’ll need to plan your trip for the low season between March and May. This is the quietest time of the year in terms of tourists, and also the cheapest for your pocket. If you’re someone who wants to have the edge over experience in Bali, leverage this season for your vacation.

September and February be the wet season, making this period less popular with tourists. However, it also means there are more travel discounts to take advantage of. During the dry season, the hotel accommodation prices go up by 50% because of the heavy number of tourists and peak season.

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