Plan your Trip Itinerary with Diytinerary in 2024!

If you have travelled before, you know the preparations it takes to put together a memorable trip. You have to decide where to go, what budget to have, how to book the hotels at the best price, how to understand the visa process, when to apply for visa, how to travel a new place, where to eat and what all to do, etc.

Even when you’re reading this right now, it can feel a lot to you with all the endless things you have to take care of. 

Honestly, travelling is tiresome as much as it is rejuvenating. And until and unless you don’t have a good travel plan, or you’re too adventurous, you may face many unforeseen problems on the way.

And that’s one of the reasons we decided to start making itineraries in the first place. To make travelling accessible for you and your family. So whether you’re a solo traveler, family man, adventurous person, want to have a staycation or want to plan a trip for a special occasion, we got you for all!!

But I understand, you might think -

  • Why to purchase Itinerary?
  • Why to purchase itinerary from DIYtinerary?
  • What benefits do you get from getting an itinerary?

Then let me answer it quickly for you.

But before that, can you tell me, “What first comes to your mind when you think of travelling?” Take 3 seconds to think…

Now it can be, where to go? How to plan? Contacting a travel agent? Etc.

And “Itinerary” is your answer to every doubt you get in your mind. If you buy itineraries from DIYtinerary, you get a detailed plan about, how to visit the place, approximate budget, stay options, transport booking links, Google Maps, nearby restaurant & cafe options, day by day schedule that you can follow as per your mood, money saving tips, local experiences, visa details, etc.

Now coming to how travel agents and their travel packages work, you know there is always a commission involved. And as we do not make any bookings or reservations for you, we don’t get any commissions. Thus, you not only save that inevitable commission that others charge but can also spend that amount on making your trip more enjoyable. 

And because we already have done the research, and added the links to the book…all you have to do is just pick your choice and BOOK.

Additionally, we provide FREE post-purchase support for anything that's either missing in the itinerary or not as per your need!! And you get a lot of additional information like -

  • Day-wise distribution of the places you will visit
  • Best time of the year to visit that city
  • Mood and type of vacation you can expect
  • Whether it's kid-friendly or not
  • Customer reviews

Thus, if you’re travelling this month or in upcoming months, choose to get an itinerary for your trip. You will ONLY THANK yourself for the ease, peace and details you’ll get.

Now you have 2 ways you can purchase your itinerary from us -

Premade Itinerary - They are highly specific for locations and we have multiple travel destination options available, whether across India or Abroad. To give you an idea, it includes the following things:

  1. Hotel Recommendations and links to book your hotel
  2. Flight booking links
  3. Places to visit around along with details like where to book the tickets, the price for the tickets, etc. (You will find all the information in one place)
  4. The local transportation costs, time, etc.
  5. Best food outlets
  6. Tips for your travel
  7. Other essential information 

Custom Itinerary - We will create an itinerary according to your needs and moods. For example: If you have a kid and want to know about kid-friendly travel destinations, we will provide an itinerary that will be specific to your requirements. As the kid is on the board, we will include fewer places to visit during the day and may include more stoppage options. This way you get to enjoy the trip without your kid being irritated.

(This gets booked out for every week pretty quickly)

So, which option are you choosing? 

And if you have doubts before booking, feel free to drop your question here!

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