Planning a trip to Dhanushkodi? Here's what you need to know!!

One more trip planned from our bucket list. A dream to visit the Last Land of India will come true in the second half of the year!

Dhanuskhodi, The last land of India, along the east coast of India is a less visited destination. The name Dhanushkodi was given to me as the name means end of a bow. It was the very spot where Lord Rama along with his army was set to cross the ocean to get to Lanka to save his wife Sita. 

We’re very excited to visit the place to see the historical Adam’s bridge that they claim is submerged under water and was a direct access to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka being just 30 Kms away from Dhanushkodi, the Last land of India will be a glorious site to stand at the spot and just look  as far as we can.

How to get to Dhanushkodi?

  1. Take a flight to Madurai, there are no direct flights. Most of the flights are Air India flights with stops at Chennai. 
  2. From the airport, book a cab to Rameshwaram, the closest town

Where to stay in Dhanushkodi?

Book a hotel/Airbnb at Rameshwaram which is the closest town to Dhanushkodi. There are some really got beach hotel there. 

How to rent a car in Dhanushkodi? 

Ask your hotel staff for car rental service in the city. Book one for an entire day. You could self drive to Dhanushkodi or take a driver along.

How far does the car go in Dhanushkodi?

You have to get down a few kms before the last land of India and get into one of the pooling cabs. Park your car there. You could even walk but it would take 30 mins approx to get to the spot.

Best time to visit the last land of India?

The best time to visit would be early morning at 7 am. It takes two hours to get here so plan in advance. Reach a day early and travel the next morning to get some good pictures and a good view of the place. 

The place is worth a visit with sea on both sides and you on literally just a strip of land. The Road trip till Dhanushkodi will be greater than all the adventures put together. 


How safe is it to visit the last land of India?

Remember to check the weather conditions before you plan the trip. Check the weather a day before as well. Keep an extra day when you visit in case the weather is bad. It would be better to visit during low tide as you will get to walk a little further on the sand which otherwise gets submerged in water due to high tide.

We’ve got all your questions covered for you. If we miss out something, do let us know in the comments below

Happy Travels!!

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