There's So Much More To An Itinerary Than Places To Visit

If you have travelled before, you know the preparations it takes to put together a perfect trip. You don’t just snap your fingers, and the next moment, you are at your chosen destination. Honestly, travelling is tiresome as much as it is rejuvenating. Until and unless you don’t have a good travel plan, you may face many unforeseen problems on the way. 

It is one of the reasons we decided to start making itineraries in the first place. Our one-of-a-kind website makes travelling easy for you. Allow us to show you what all you get when you purchase our itinerary: 

  • Peace of Mind
  • Do not underestimate the experience of travelling carefree. Many people tire themselves out a month before going on a trip. You spend day and night searching for the best places to visit, nearby hotels, restaurants, travel options, and so on. You leave no stone unturned to make your trip perfect and memorable. 

    Guess what? We design itineraries for you just like we design travel plans for ourselves. We want you to enjoy as much as we would love to enjoy a trip. Our itineraries include all the possible places you can visit within your given time and budget. All there’s left for you to do is, pack up your bags and leave whenever you like.

  • Expertly Researched Detailed Plan
  • You either plan your trips yourself or hire a travel agent who charges a commission. Travel agents are usually not travellers like us. We understand the hustle of travelling because we have already travelled to many countries.  

    We are experienced travellers who design itineraries for ourselves and other fellow travellers like you. Our primary focus is a lot of research. We find the best solutions for transport, hotels, restaurants as per food preferences, and other fun activities within our purchaser's budget. So, you don’t have to worry about missing out on anything on your trip. We got you covered. 

  • Calculated Budget
  • How many times have you gone for a trip on a decided budget and ended up spending way more because of unforeseen circumstances? Lack of knowledge and experience often leads to more expenditure. 

    Good for you; when you visit our website to purchase a pre-made itinerary, you will see a ‘Budget for 2 people’ column on scrolling down. Here we intimate the purchaser prior to the purchase about how much budget they should have for that trip. The approximate budget idea helps the purchaser ensure they have chosen a compatible destination and itinerary for the trip. 

  • Additional Information 
  • You can know a lot of other information before a pre-made itinerary purchase. Along with the budget, as mentioned above, you can also check:

    • Day-wise distribution of the places you will visit
    • Best time of the year to visit that city
    • Mood and type of vacation you can expect
    • Whether it's kid-friendly or not
    • Customer reviews
  • Post-Purchase Support
  • Do you think we leave you on your own after you purchase our pre-made or custom itineraries? Never. We stick with you till the end. Even after the purchase, if you have any doubts, write to us on WhatsApp. We will answer all your queries and provide extra information, if necessary, every Wednesday. 

    Are you still gonna give yourself a headache planning all your trips or do yourself a favour and buy our itinerary? Head to DIY ITINERARY and pack your bags for the next trip. 

    You can check out our pre-made itineraries or order a custom-made one per your budget and preferences. You can contact us at 9873395006 or use this link. We are also there for you on Instagram and WhatsApp (

    Photo by Eva Darron on Unsplash

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