Top 20 Summer Getaway destinations for Backpackers in India

If you can’t wait to hit the roads with your most trusted backpack and are looking for some “new place” that gives you stories not just for your Instagram but also to tell people around you. Then this blog is your answer!

These places are perfect for a summer getaway and will keep you busy with their beauty:

  1. Gangtok, Sikkim
  2. Kochi, Kerala
  3. Hampi, Karnataka
  4. Darjeeling, West Bengal
  5. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu
  6. Meghalaya
  7. Auroville, Tamil Nadu
  8. Auli, Uttarakhand
  9. Naukuchiatal
  10. Chail, HP
  11. Khajjiar (Mini Switzerland)
  12. Spiti, HP
  13. Jibhi, HP
  14. Pahalgam, Jammu Kashmir
  15. Chopta Tungnath

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