How I spent four Days in South Goa

It was my fourth trip to Goa so I decided to make it count. Unlike, my earlier trips, I wanted to be sober and do touristy things. It was our first trip together, me and my sister. We booked a tent house in South Goa. Luckily, it was the best part of our trip.

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A tent house by the beach, more like a dream vacation. You wake up to an amazing view with the sound of waves. Sitting on the chair outside the tent, you can see a blue color boat with a red flag beside it facing the beach which is most of the time empty. The only people you will see are the helpers of the resort.

An ideal place to relax on the weekend. I would like to call it a weekend gateway place and would also recommend people to go on a Friday evening and be back by Monday. The food at the resort is delicious and the restaurant is open 24/7. You have to try their crawfish soup and the almond honey nut cake. I have never had a dessert like that.

I wanted to have a different experience than my previous trips so decided to go for parasailing. The two minute experience in air consisted of shouting, screaming, calling out my mother, panicking and more than that an experience that I will cherish for life. I am afraid of heights so for me, it was like I had conquered the world. I would love to do it again if I got a chance.

My sister took a dip in the sea as well after parasailing. The boat owner let everyone take a dip in the sea for Rs200. They were very careful and kept an eye on my sister the whole time. I was also looking out for her but it was actually very safe since she was wearing the life vest.


A fun filled day was over soon and it was time for us to head back to our resort which btw I didn’t mention was in South Goa and we hired a car and drove to the other end of Goa to do all these activities. It was a long ride back to our resort. It took us 3 hours to go from Baga Beach to Talpona.

Upon reaching, we both decided to rest for a little while and have food. The next day, I woke up with fever and later in the day, my sister fell from the scooty. I took her to the hospital and then we went to a beach close by.

The nearest beach was 10 minutes away, Palolem Beach. We did some Google search and found out that there is a Butterfly Beach for which we had to hire a motor boat. The motor boat costed us Rs 1500. It was like our little private motor boat. We first went to see dolphins and you will be surprised to know that we saw 6 dolphins to be precised.

The butterfly beach wasn’t bad either. It was a short and sweet trip to the beach. Some of our best pictures of the trip are from the butterfly beach. We returned back to our resort and enjoyed one full day just sitting, eating and relaxing with an amazing view infront of us.

I guess four is my lucky number since I had an amazing experience and got to see dolphins.

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