The Concept

We make DIY ITINERARIES under the name DIYTINERARY - World's First DIY ITINERARY ™️
The concept is simple. We create itineraries for you which entails the following:
  1. Stay options - Based on your budget, with direct links for you to make the bookings. No more where to book, how to book.
  2. Food Recommendation - Must try local food. Links to restaurants and cafes with recommendations on the famous food and drinks keeping your dietary needs in mind.
  3. Sightseeing - Must do local experiences - self guided or guided tours
  4. Detailed schedule - Places to visit, hidden gems, tips on how to save money, time and make your trip more memorable
  5. Intra and Inter City Transfers - Local transport like buses, car rentals, taxis, bikes, walking etc
  6. Pro Tips - from experienced travelers aka THE SINGH SISTERS
All links for booking are provided in the itinerary. We do not make any bookings.
Click here for a Sample Itinerary
We have two types of Itineraries. Below are the links to a blog post for you to know more.
  1. Premade Itineraries
  2. Custom Itineraries