Frequently asked questions


  • Do you do packages?
  • We make itineraries based on various vacation moods that target a large segment of travellers. Our itineraries are well equipped with everything you need on a vacation to have a blast starting from places to stay, places to visit, places to eat, activities, treks, adventures, must try food items, local shopping experiences to name a few.


  • What do you mean by DIY Itinerary
  • By DIY Itinerary we mean that everything is done for you.


    All the research, all the information is available in a tabular form for you and all you need to do is just make the bookings


  • Will you make bookings for us?
  • No, we don't make bookings.


    We will give you direct links to book from trusted websites that we use for our personal trips as well.


  • What is included in an itinerary?
  • Each DIY - itinerary is simply a click and book service and includes the following.

    • Hotels starting INR 3000 per night
    • Top restaurants and cafes based on your dietary needs
    • Preplanned google map link for the day
    • Experiences and places to visit with ticket information
    • Local transports details like cabs, buses, Ferries etc
    • Tips on how to save money
    •  Famous foods to eat and places to visit


    Bookings need to be made by the traveller, this is a completely DIY experience


  • Can you suggest a country/city for a specific month for my travel?

    We at DIYtinerary will help in deciding a destination based on your budget and time you have for your vacation in the form of blogs & filters on our website.


    We have made the process of decision making pretty simple.


    You just go to the website, use the filter for month, budget and go through the itineraries in the results.


    See a demo here


    Whereas for a Custom Itinerary, we will talk to you and help you decide the destination.

    For custom itineraries, this is done after the order has been placed


  • What is the difference between a premade and a Custom Itinerary
  • A premade itinerary has been curated keeping many moods in mind like an adventurous person, a solo traveller, a family and many more aspects have been taken care of in the itinerary and you can buy them off the shelf with post sales support where we find stays for you if they are sold out or if you are looking for some shopping places.


    Whereas a custom itinerary is curated based on your budget for stay accomodations, budget for food, preferences for food, any other physical restrictions you may have or any other specific need. Everything is done as per your needs and specifications.


  • How do I use one of your itineraries?
  • You can start by booking your flights and hotels from the options we have provided.


    Once you booked the hotels, start looking at the day by day itinerary and start from when you reach your hotel at the destination.


    You can choose to skip any of our recommendations and have a relaxed day as well.


    We also provide options from which you can choose so you have a choice to make.


  • What to do if my trip is less than the days mentioned in the Premade one
  • Not to worry,


    Our itineraries are flexible and allow you to pick and choose the days you want to do and those you want to skip.


    Example: If an itinerary is for 5 days and you want to go only for 3 days, you can very well pick the activities you would like to do and choose to go for your trip.


  • Does the itinerary include information such as local transport?
  • Yes, they do.


    We include transport to and from the airport, bus stand, train station.


    We also provide local transport options. In case some detail is missing, please feel free to WhatsApp us at 9873395006.


    This allows us to help you, as well as update our itineraries for other customers :)


    Thank you in Advance


  • How long does it take to get a Premade Itinerary
  • All premade itineraries are immediately(2-3mins) sent to your email.


    Don't forget to check your SPAM mail...


  • What if stays in the Premade Itinerary are sold out or not in my Budget?
  • Please feel free to message us on WhatsApp along with your Order No., Dates and Budget and we will find some options for you :)


    WhatsApp number - +919873395006


  • How long does it take to make a custom Itinerary
  • It takes us upto 3-5 working days to make an itinerary for within India, based on how busy we are.


    For an International Itinerary we take 6-10 working days


  • Do you have a Sample Itinerary?
  • Yes, please click here to view the Sample Itinerary


  • What does quantity mean on the page?
  • It means no. of itineraries.


    You need to purchase 1 itinerary for a single group of travel.


    If there are 2 or 4 people or even more people, you can use a single itinerary.


  • What if the stays in premade itinerary do not fit my budget?
  • Please feel free to message us on WhatsApp along with your Order No., Dates and Budget and we will find some options for you :)


    WhatsApp number - +919873395006


  • Can I get an itinerary for my budget & specifications
  • Yes, our process for custom itinerary is very inclusive as it starts by you filling a form regarding your requirements.


    After going through your requirement, we reach out to you on Whatsapp and start discussing your vacation and its details before we start curating an itinerary for you.


    Along the entire process we stay in touch and ask questions to build the best itinerary for your vacation


    To get your custom itinerary please DM us on Instagram or text us on WhatsApp


  • I want a custom itinerary but not sure how many days
  • You can start by paying for the minimum number of days you are sure about, if you do end up deciding to go for more days, we can take the balance payment later


  • I bought a premade Itinerary but want to go for custom instead
  • In case you do end up getting a premade itinerary and want to upgrade to a custom one.


    We adjust the amount as long as the destination is the same. Provided the day between the travel and the order are atleast 4-5 weeks away to account for the time we need to prepare a custom itinerary