Kazakhstan - Best time to visit in 2024!

If you enjoy travelling, then 2024 can be your year to make memories at different parts of the world and share your stories with your family, friends and colleagues. 

And Kazakhstan is one such EPIC place to start your stories from!

Imagine you’re standing on a rusty-red coloured cliff and looking down at a breathtaking view which looks as amazing as the Grand Canyon in the US (but definitely less crowded for you to enjoy the view) 😍That place is Charyn Canyon!

You’re getting up daily with a sense of excitement to cover new places and experiences that you haven’t seen anywhere on Instagram yet!

You’re discovering many new spots to visit, which you can recommend to your friends and families - I’m telling you, you can FLEX it!

What's really cool about this place is that it's not just about the stunning views - though they're incredible! But you feel a connection to nature in a way that's hard to find elsewhere. 

And what a beautiful place to see the snow!!

Spring Season 

Spring starts in Kazakhstan, from April to June. The weather is just right - not too hot or too cold. Imagine you’re roaming around apple orchards in Almaty, where apples were born! Spring is perfect for checking out the Charyn Canyon (just what I talked about above) and the Big Almaty Lake. 

Just watch out for a bit of rain and muddy spots in the mountains. 

Summer Season

It starts from June to August. This is the time when Kazakhstan is all ready to attract more tourists. The mountains and the lakes look the prettiest in the summer sun. But the pretty it looks, the temperature is too hot to handle - 35 degrees celsius. 

So to enjoy the beautiful sites, it’s important you stay cool and hydrated.

Plus point of summer season - You get to enjoy cool nomadic festivals in Kazakh traditions. 

Autumn Season

This season starts from September to November. And also turns Kazakhstan into a golden painting (You can imagine how stunning it will look). The Assy Plateau and Ille-Alatau National Park are a must see in this time. 

This season is perfect for hikers! But as the days are shorter, you need to keep yourself ready for the chilly nights. Rest you’re good to go!

Winter Season

If you’re a winter lover, mark your travel dates from anywhere between December to February. Picture skiing in Shymbulak or seeing the Mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasawi covered in snow - pure magic!

Point to note: As it’s winter and snowy, there could be travelling issues and limited access to some areas.

I’m sure after reading through this, you’re all excited to try Kazakhstan in 2024! 

So, if you’re thinking when should you go…then well, it depends on what you like! If you love blossoms, spring's your jam. Summer is for sun and festivals. Autumn gives you chance to enjoy the nature in its full show, and winter is all about its snowy magic. 

Because Kazakhstans got it all, so pick your favourite season and plan for a trip filled with amazing landscapes, friendly people, and a taste of Kazakh culture.

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