Who doesn’t want to have a customized trip with every essential information that too without putting effort? Imagine you get each day planned according to your likes and mood with authentic information. Great right? You don’t need to think about which place to visit first, you get everything planned according to your requirements. It can include, hotels as per your budget, planning holidays as per your likes, adding cheap or luxury travel options, finding places to visit that might interest you, and many more.

In general corporate people, business owners, families, or solo travellers, especially women love to have something of this sort for their next travel location. Taking into account the love we have for researching different destinations so that you get to manage your time efficiently on the vacation, we have Custom Itineraries to your rescue.

With our Custom Itineraries, you can plan everything according to your needs and moods. For example: If you have a kid and want to know about kid-friendly travel destinations, we will provide an itinerary that will be specific to your requirements. As the kid is on the board, we will include lesser places to visit during the day and may include more stoppage options. This way you get to enjoy the trip without your kid being irritated.
Another example can be if you’re travelling solo. For solo travellers, especially women we find and customise safer options for stays and travel. We understand every requirement made by you and then customize a plan for your vacation. We also give you the best travel and hotel booking options. You can easily plug and play with different plans mentioned in the itineraries. If someone has very specific requirements like they want to visit only offbeat places or only wants to visit one place in a day and wants to enjoy the stay the rest of the time, we plan their day accordingly. And as the custom plan requires more research and time, it is advised to get your itinerary done months before the travel.

But what if you’re not sure when to go for a Custom Itinerary? We got you!

1. You can buy our best Premade Itineraries for your destination (We have itineraries created for places in India and abroad) It starts from INR 149.

And once you’ve gone through the level of in-depth information we provide, you can upgrade it into a custom itinerary. We provide post-purchase support too so that you don’t face any issues in planning your vacation

2. Another best option can be getting on a 15-minute FREE CONSULTATION CALL with us, where we guide you about premade or custom itineraries according to your requirements.
We also offer help with identifying the destination and hotels for your staycation in a single city. If you require help with multiple cities, then we suggest getting in touch on 9873395006 or using this link.

In case you’re planning your long-weekend travel or have a budget in mind for your next travel, we suggest you have a look at our premade itineraries or have a custom build itinerary from us. DM us on Instagram or WhatsApp us on Wa.me/+919873395006

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I want to have a custom itinerary for Australia.. places around Melbourne

Akansha Rastogi

I am keen for customised itinerary for Rishikesh. I will be there from 1st Oct to 9th Oct.
More interested in exploring the nearby hidden gems and best hotels.

Vikram Khinwasara

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