What Is A Travel Planner and How We Fit In?

Thinking about another getaway in your holidays? It's about time you start looking for a travel planner for your next trip. It not only saves time but your money and energy as well. 

A travel planner is an agent or agency you approach to plan a perfect vacation for you and your family. Travel planners can be experienced travelers or have expertise in tourism. They have researched various cities worldwide to come up with the best deals and locations according to the client’s budget.

You have to hire a travel planner, discuss your desires and budget, and take away a detailed travel plan for your vacation. Travel planners also take care of flight and hotel bookings. So, all you have to do is pack your bags and catch your flight. 

Here, at DIYItinerary, we provide you with all the information about a place right from hotel options to transportation to food and activities, which you can use to customise your perfect vacation at affordable prices.

We include step by step recommendations for each day for you to plug and travel.

To give you an idea, it includes the following things:

  • Hotel Recommendations and links to book your hotel
  • Flight booking links
  • Places to visit around along with details like where to book the tickets, the price for the tickets, etc. (You will find all the information in one place)
  • The local transportation costs, time, etc.
  • Best food outlets
  • Tips for your travel
  • Other essential information

And a lot more! Here’s a gist of valuable information that is included in the description of one of our itineraries, imagine what all will be included in your Itinerary!

Keep reading for a detailed discussion on how travel planners work and how we fit in perfectly. 

Steps Of Planning A Trip

Whether it is you or a travel planner, there is a particular way of planning a trip. You cannot just buy the tickets on the spot and figure out where to go once you land at your destination. Everything has to be pre-planned, from transport to accommodations. 

Here’s how you or your travel planner should plan a trip: 

  • Choose a Destination: It’s necessary that you first pick a suitable location according to your wish that you would like to explore and spend time in 
  • Decide the Duration and Budget: Check how many days you can spare from your daily life for the vacation. Plus, calculate the budget in hand. Short trips cost less, while long trips cost more. Also, national trips cost less than international trips. 
  • Book Transport and Accommodation: A major part of traveling is transporting. You need a vehicle to reach the airport or railway station and from the station to your accommodation. You have to book cabs, bus tickets, train or flight tickets, and hotels. 
  • Plan Day-wise Activities: Once you reach the booked hotel in the city of your choice, you won’t be staying there the entire time, right? The point of traveling is roaming the streets, visiting tourist places, trying different dishes, and making new friends. You should plan day-wise activities according to your duration and budget. 

  • Pack Wisely: Last but not least, pack your bags intelligently. Keep the worst-case scenario in minds but don’t overdo it at the same time. Changes in weather and sickness are two examples. 

  • How We Help You Plan Your Trip

    We at DIYItinerary provide you with premade or custom-made itineraries that are totally customisable and flexible. We are proud to say that we are travelers ourselves. We have visited many cities in different countries. Thus, we often plan for our clients based on our first-hand experiences. Our years of research come in handy while planning trips for you. 

    Advantages of Choosing Us 

    And now let us give you some reasons why you should purchase our premade itineraries for your next travel:

    • You will receive your itinerary within 2 minutes of purchase
    • Our itineraries will be your go-to-guide to the place you’re travelling
    • You can pick and choose between the days mentioned in the itineraries. For example, if you’re visiting for 6 days but the itinerary is for 10 days, this is how you can customise your travel
    • You will directly have the link to book your hotels and flights at the best price (Wow!)
    • You will save yourself from researching the best places to visit, to eat, etc.
    • You get our support via WhatsApp for each of your queries regarding itineraries
    • You can upgrade your PREMADE itineraries to a CUSTOM itinerary at an adjustable amount (Imagine getting your trip planned as per your liking)

    Our travel itineraries have everything systematically planned for you. All you got to do is enter the location you want to explore and select the itinerary per your preference and budget. The cherry on the top is our competitive prices. 

    Now that you know what we do, why don’t you buy our itinerary and try it yourself? Be it a short road trip or a multiple-day outing; we have brilliant plans for you! From transport suggestions to budget hotels to fun activities, we ensure you make the most of your trip.

    If you plan to stay in multiple cities, we suggest contacting us at 9873395006 or using this link.

    Go check our premade itineraries or order a customized one. DM us on Instagram or WhatsApp us on Wa.me/+919873395006 for any queries. Sign up to stay updated on the latest offers and on-sale itineraries. 

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